New Magnetic Microsphere Launch! Accelerate Your Nucleic Acid Extraction Experiment.


New Magnetic Beads Launched! To satisfy the fast nucleic acid extraction needs, Vdo biotech has developed a new magnetic bead for nucleic acid extraction, MS04HC, which has a faster magnetic response and longer suspension time to accelerate the nucleic acid extraction process. Therefore, MS04HC is the best choice for you to develop high throughput nucleic acid extraction kit.


l  Rapid magnetic response:Fast magnetic adsorption speed, no magnetic residue

l  Higher suspension time:Excellent resuspension, sufficiently react with the nucleic acid in the solution

l  Large specific surface area for enhancing binding capacity

l  Production capacity is up to >100L/batch, batch-to-batch consistency

Technical Parameters  


Particle Size:~1.5μm

Composition: SiO2/Fe3O4

Surface group : OH

Dispersion medium: DI water

Additive: Contains trace amount of surfactant,0.1% Proclin 300

Case Study

Nucleic acid extraction using Vdo Biotech’s MS04HC magnetic beads

l  Method:Covid-19 control products were dilute to 200copise/mL concentration.

l  Material:Customer’s nucleic acid reagent, MS04HC magnetic microsphere



l  Result: Covid-19 control products were dilute to 200copise/mL concentration. The nucleic acid kit that contains MS04HC can detect all viral nucleic acid and the CV value less than 5%. Therefore, the result indicates that the magnetic bead has excellent viral nucleic acid capture ability.

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MS04HC Magnetic Microsphere for Nucleic Acid Extraction